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The London Gamers' Live Journal

London Gamers
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This is a community for Wargamers and Role players based in London to get together and talk about, organise, or play games of any sort.

What is the purpose of this community?
To provide a forum to organise games, to find a gaming group, or to just tlak about gaming.

Who can Join?
Anyone living in or near the London area who wants to talk about and play role playing games, wargames, LARP or the like.

The Rules
(These are subject to change as the community evolves)
1. Try and keep a semblance of keeping to topic, OK?
2. LJ-CUT! Not everyone's interested in your topic. One paragraph posts are OK, but all charcter sheets and journals must go behind a cut.
3. If you're posting about a particular game, put the venue and the name of the game in square brackets at the start of the Subject title. For example: [UCL All Flesh] My Character's Journal

You don't have to be a member, but it helps! If you want to make an announcement to this community, but aren't a LJ account holder, then please email innerbrat @ stardestroyer.net, and I'll put your post up (if it's relevent)
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